Witch Movie Review

I hope you have a cheerful and enjoyable week this week.
I’m sure you had a great day today.Haha
I watched a movie at home yesterday because it rained all day long.
Yesterday, I saw a movie called Witch.
The Witch is said to be director Park Hoon-jung’s fifth production with the 2018.6.27 opening film.

After escaping alone from the facility where the mysterious accident occurred 10 years ago,
“Ja Yun,” who lost all his memories.
With the care of an elderly couple who raised themselves without knowing their age or name.
He grew up to be a vigorous, bright high school girl.

​Ja-yoon, who appeared on a prize-winning audition program to help out with difficult family situations,
Suspicious characters appear in front of her right after the broadcast.
The man who’s been hovering around Ja-yoon and watching him closely.
And we’ve been looking for a missing child since the last accident.
Dr. Back and Mr. Choi.
With their appearance that they don’t remember at all,
Ja-yoon gets into chaos…!
​Everything has changed since they appeared.

I personally like action scenes and Kim Dami’s cute and ah
I really enjoyed this movie.
Let’s start the movie Witch Review now.

The witch has a total of three episodes and the movie I’m reviewing today is one.
The official name of the movie is
Witch: Part 1. The Subversion.
I’ll show you the characters.

Honestly, that’s more than I expected.
Hi, Doctor. Long time no see, huh?
Koo Ja-yoon (Kim Da-mi) has extraordinary abilities as the main character of a witch.
Koo Ja-yoon said Dr. Baek used to teach children
He’s one of the most gifted children who’s ever been modified to have superpowers.
In fact, Ja-yun escaped from the lab when she was a child, and now she’s in a state of emergency.
I was adopted by my parents and had a small daily life helping them with their housework. I help my parents every day, but with extraordinary ability, my grades are all over the school.
I can understand and write all the foreign languages I’ve heard once.
Zahyun, who has nothing to do with it, has to pay for her mother’s hospital bills with Alzheimer’s.
I was on an audition program and, of course, I get noticed for my excellent singing skills.
But that’s not the only thing that’s been noticed because of the strange people who were around Jahyun for a while.
I’m worried that Ja-yoon is going home.
But that night, Ja-yoon, who broke in and killed all of them,
Guided by the nobleman (Choi Woo-sik), he returns to the lab where he was when he was a child.

Koo Ja-yoon… We’ve got a full name.
Yeah, it’s definitely better than a few numbers, right?
Don’t you think? Witch girl.
He is the second most powerful convert after Koo Ja-yoon and carries his men with him.
He’s a cold-blooded man who eats the flesh.
Ja-yoon and Myung-hee (Komin-si) are heading to Seoul to audition.
When I meet a nobleman, I see his first appearance.
He’s good at eye-sitting and comes out as a very careful, transformative person.

Myung-hee (Ko Min-shi) is Ja-yoon’s best friend and helps ease the tension in the movie.
Unlike Ja-yoon, she is very cheerful and outgoing and likes to decorate.
My father is a local cop.

Dr. Baek gave children psychic powers through genetic modification.
So he abused his children by taking them to the test.

Mr. Choi (Park Hee-soon) is an executive in the laboratory and a colleague working with Dr. Baek.
a partnership that has bad feelings for each other
He is a man of strong combat power and cold blood.

It was actually Ja-yoon’s plan to go to the lab.
One day, after feeling the brain was damaged, Ja-yoon told Dr. Baek
I’m sure there’s a cure, and it’s part of the show.
He’s planning to find himself.
So you go back to the lab and kill the rest of the transducers.
Dr. Baek and Mr. Choi will be killed. Then we’ll find the cure and go back.
And three months later, in the studio of a luxury house in Jeju Island,
Zayoon appears in front of a woman who looks just like Dr. Baek.
Ja-yoon came to see Dr. Baek’s twin brother.
I mean, I’m here to solve a fundamental problem.
Then Ja-yoon told a girl, “You’ll fly if you’re flirting with your sister.”
Warning, and yet the smiling girl’s face and “Ja-Yoon” don’t look at each other directly.
It shows you how you look at the projected glass door, and it’s darkened, and the movie ends.

I enjoyed watching this movie.
With colorful action scenes and chewy situation settings,
I was able to watch this movie with a lot of tension.
In addition, Kim Da-mi’s performance as a rookie actor was excellent enough to be praised by everyone.
The strong acting was impressive and I’m looking forward to the second movie.
A refreshing action film that you can watch without thinking on a rainy day like yesterday.
The horoscope I give to a witch is ★★★★★ out of ten.
That’s it for today.

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