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Today is a movie recommended in Korea that is talked about in Jangan.
I brought the movie “The Perfect Other” back.

Actually, I’ve had my sister’s wedding, and I’ve been busy at work.
I didn’t have a blogging experience, the only way to communicate with you.
It’s something I’ve felt.
I think diligence and sincerity are the basic attitude of bloggers.
Back to the beginning!!!

Shall we play a game? Everybody, put your phones up.
I’m sharing everything that’s coming during dinner.
Phone, text, Kakao Talk, e-mail, sprout!

At a couple meeting after a long time, one person suggests a game.
You put your cell phone on the table.
He said, “Let’s share everything from phone conversations to text messages and e-mails.”
The secret of the players who started the game was discovered through their cell phones.
It’s flowing into an unimaginable ending that’s totally different from the first game I suggested..
Every conceivable prediction is wrong!

Here’s the beginning of the movie.
It’s been a long time since we had friends for 40 years.
It was because of the houses of Cho Jin-woong and Kim Ji-soo.
In a pleasant atmosphere, Kim Ji-su suggests a game.
Sharing all the information that comes to your cell phone from dinner right away.

In fact, we’ve all seen a little bit of reluctance.
It wasn’t easy to oppose the game.
Because if you’re against the game, you seem to be hiding something.

So this game started, and over time, it started.
And the more the contents of each person’s cell phone are shared,
It created a strange tension.

You know, just the outward appearance,
Because the reality inside the phone was different.

So the movie throws a message at the end.
Everyone has three faces.

the way you show others
a personal appearance
And a secret figure.

The secret stories of each other that were never revealed.
As it unfolded, the movie went into a very serious atmosphere.

There’s a funny element in this, and we’re not usually aware of it.
I added a sense of immersion in the movie by mixing it properly with a topic to think about.

I couldn’t forget about actor Yoo Hae-jin.
Usually, if he gave the audience pleasure with a slight light touch in the movie,
In this movie, “The Perfect Other,” you play a blunt, conservative lawyer.
He acted as a laughing licorice in seriousness.

I’ve seen “perfect others” and I’ve felt them all over again.
The actor Yoo Hae-jin has a wide acting spectrum.
I thought he was a very good actor, like a jewel in the world of actors.

Not only Yoo Hae-jin, but all the actors who appear in the perfect others,
They’re really great actors.
That’s why I think this movie gives the audience more satisfaction.

Cho Jin-woong & Kim Ji-su
Yoo Hae-jin & Yeom Jung-ah
Lee Seo-jin & Song Ha-yoon
Yoon Kyung Ho and Min Soo
The various themes, secrets, and insides these four couples present.

We’re usually not aware of what we’re doing.
By showing it to the audience through the movie,
There’s something strange about being embarrassed about, and yet there’s something exciting about it is.
It was a strange movie that made me feel ambivalent.

So the audience’s good reviews continue.
It’s 97% satisfaction level based on CGV.


And as of November 17, the number of visitors surpassed 4 million.
It’s been a long time since the audience was satisfied with a fresh subject.
It’s a successful domestic movie.

If you had such a solid screenplay and actors,
It’s not like you’re going to be able to get a good movie without a huge investment
I feel it again.

For your information, why did you take the Kitty doll with you?
It would be nice if you could check it out through the movie.LOL

“The Perfect Other” before the film goes down in theaters sooner or later.
I’ll recommend you guys to watch it. I’ll finish posting.
Make sure to look at it!

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