Secretly Great Movie Review

Yesterday, exercise and go home and I was watching TV.
He was the ‘great secret’ movies.
After a long time ought to be seen whether is so nice to see late and watch all of them fell asleep in my mind. So today is to try to ‘great secret’ movie reviews.

This movie is based on webtoons in secret and greatness.
I didn’t watch webtoons, but many say that webtoons are more interesting than movies.
It was a success for the six million-viewer box office, but with a rather low rating.
The quality of the movie itself is not very good.
I like to watch most movies just because I like to watch them.
I think it was just worth watching as I focused on the actors’ visuals.


Won Yoo-hwan (Kim Soo-hyun) is the main character of North Korea’s ultra-elite South Korean spy.
picked through training and fierce competition like a real game.
I’m going to infiltrate South Korea on a mission.
But when he arrived in South Korea after all his hard work, he was given a mission.
It was a really hectic task to live in Dal-dong and report on the daily lives of the residents.

Then the comrades, Li Hae-rang (Park Ki-woong) and Lee Hae-jin (Lee Hyun-woo), come to Dal-dong.
They also go undercover with their high school status as aspiring singers.

Every day, you act like you’re a fool, you clean your neighborhood, you know, you know, you’re a kid.
You know, I’ve been being beaten, and I’ve been having a boring routine.
In the North, you will be ordered to kill yourself.
I’ve been working hard on the North’s mission.
He wants to see if she’s alive.

That’s how I disobeyed my country’s orders.
With the confirmation of your mother’s life and death, the legendary battle begins with a secret and great beginning.

Secretly Great Movie Review

It’s a movie about a webtoon, which is a secret and great movie.
I was the lead actor of Kim Soo-hyun, so I drew a lot of attention before the release.
Besides, it’s a good time to get the attention of students.
It was a hit at the box office
But I heard harsh comments from webtoon fans.
Other visitors didn’t do very well either.
There were many comments that Kim Soo-hyun would take the movie that went bankrupt.

There has been a lot of controversy over the monopoly of the movie market.
But with the exception of all this, the movie itself,
I think it was worth watching.
I don’t know how much the original works reflect because I don’t see the webtoons.
I just enjoyed the subject of Kim Soo-hyun’s fool acting and fool espionage.
The action scenes were brief and theft.

The hot bromance between the North Korean spies in the middle was also.
In addition, Park Gi-woong’s acting transformation was fun, as he was creating a cold atmosphere at Gaksital.


He showed the people’s rock to the South Korean Gannas!

And the last scene was my mother living in the South.
I thought the scene where the bankbook that I took care of was quite new.
I think women think Kim Soo-hyun’s abs are new.
Of course, it received a lot of harsh criticism, but you can still enjoy the movie.
So wouldn’t that be enough to reach 6 million viewers.Think about it.
The ★ I give this movie is ★★★★★ out of 10 ★★.
It’s just a great movie to watch without thinking about.
I personally feel sorry for you, even in moving scenes.
The production was so weak that I couldn’t cry.
That’s it for today!
I’d recommend it to Kim Soo Hyun’s.
Or maybe the difference in personal tastes will have a big impact on movie reviews.
Think carefully.
Then be always healthy and have a good day today.

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