Funny Korean Film Speedy Scandal Review

It’s a good idea to make life a little more fun.
I’d like to introduce you to a movie.
A funny Korean movie that makes actors smile with cute acting.
I’ll start reviewing the speeding scan. Have a pleasant time.

It’s a movie I found while searching for given time.
When I choose a movie, I tend to look at the actors and actresses.
Two of your favorite actors and cute child actors are the best.

In fact, domestic movies are a little boring and far-fetched.
There are a lot of people who don’t like it. I was one of them.
By the way, the prejudice against Korean movies was broken through this movie.
Why have I seen such a good masterpiece now? I think I’m going to do it.

I also praise the acting of actors who lighten a rather heavy subject.
I was overwhelmed by the performances of Park Bo-young, Cha Tae-hyun, and Wang Seok-hyun.
It’s a movie that really takes the best out of the actors, so it’s not boring at all.
I recommend this movie as a really good fun Korean movie.

I’m going to burst into a big line in the movie.
Actor Wang Seok-hyun’s gloomy pronunciation is so cute.
He’s a good guy. He’s a bad guy, etc.
Wang Seok-hyun, who repeats a clever line, is very interesting to watch.

Park Bo-young, who plays the guitar skillfully!
I was overwhelmed by the clear, clear voice.
She has the best singing ability on the audition stage.
It’s a great movie with fun, touching, and music.

I recommended it to you as an interesting Korean movie,
This movie has the power to warm up.
It’s not hard to tell the story, so it’s good to understand.
That’s why the whole family can watch the movie together!

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