[Movie Review] Kim Ji-young was born in 1982

Before this movie, it was a movie that had a strong impression because of media play.
I am a woman living in South Korea, but I did not have much complaints about the world living as a woman.
On the contrary, I was more used to men’s world, and being with men was more comfortable than where women belonged? Should I say…
And I have never studied feminist and I have never wanted to.
Because there’s a kind of woman called chumpem.
Rather, it’s not just about promoting women’s human rights.
We must undermine the human rights of men. in the form of
Watching the articles about their movements and the actions of some celebrities, I frowned before I even finished reading.
So even when this novel was published and became an issue for a long time, I felt rather rejected. So I didn’t even read the novel, and after the movie was released, I happened to have to look at the preview clip on YouTube.
I just thought that I missed you. When I was thinking about seeing you, I readily agreed to the suggestion that I would see my younger brother because I wanted to see him.
Usually, watching movies at a movie theater is not good at immersion in movies because of the surroundings. So, I don’t cry when I watch a sad movie because I can’t read the emotions about the actor well.
Throughout the movie, I burst into tears as it overlaps with the situation I went through. I felt as if my current address on women’s human rights was showing well and my hidden inside of me was getting sulky one by one.
For example, since I was a kid, I’ve always been scolded by my paternal grandmother for being a woman, “What can you do better than Sung-hwan?
“Don’t spend your money and stop working on it.”
It’s always been the case.
The price of the room was 270,000 won a month when they lived in Gimhae. My grandmother never paid for my room, and she asked me if my mom and dad could see it was hard because of me.
I’ve been traveling around for hours, and you can’t do that. You’re not even going to high school in Busan.
He’s always been so mean. Since then, I have never called my grandmother. My grandmother might understand me as a woman, but she never did, and I was stressed every time I looked at her or called her.
Another thing I did was when I was in the sixth grade in elementary school, so I was forced to go out with my middle school brother.
The fact that he came to the house with a knife and threatened to break up.
I spent more than an hour in the room alone.
I just couldn’t call anywhere, and I was crying.
So I remember this incident from time to time all my life,
I’m still scared, and if someone presses the bell, it’s like they’re stuck in a room and they’re dead. Sometimes when he looks at Facebook, he gets angry when he sees pictures of him living too well without feeling any guilt.
Why should the victim continue to live in a more uncomfortable and difficult world?
In addition to these events, it was as if a number of situations had been superimposed on the head.
It was a movie that made me think a lot about it.
It was sad to think that the problems of women facing our society were reflected right away.
Although she is very careful not to know which expression is the right one, it is likely that the non-marriage will take place in one of the hearts of the women watching the movie. During the movie, I also thought that marriage is not going to happen. I was worried that these words would be the biggest cause of life’s destruction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .wouldn’t it? I thought I’d do it.
When I looked at this movie from another perspective, I felt so sorry and grateful to my mother for raising me like this so far.
If I had watched this movie with my mom, I would have cried loudly saying I was really sorry for being caught by my mom. In the movie, Jiyoung’s mother made clothes at Cheonggyecheon for her brothers to study, which reminded her of her. I never once asked my mother what her dream was when she was young. My mom also had a dream, not a present job.I just told him to tell me what dream I wanted to achieve and to help me push him.
At that young age in high school, my mother studied and made money working at a clothing factory called Hanil-Hap-Sum. Later, my mother also did many things, and she got a job in the funeral industry by chance as she settled in a pretty good company. While doing the job, he went to college with interest and became a top expert in the field in South Gyeongsang Province.
Even though what my mother does now was not her childhood dream, my mother was great again studying hard and enjoying the work, and I was so thankful that my brother and sister could grow well enough.
What was my mother’s childhood dream all the time she had to raise us, and can I heal her time? I thought about it one way or the other.
It’s a movie that has a lot of thoughts, so I just left it behind. I’ll have to buy a novel and read it soon
Then, I will do my homework tomorrow.

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