Thriller Korean Movie Witnesses Review

What do you think about watching others’ difficulties with your eyes?
The mind wants to act bravely for justice,
Because when you think about reality, you know there’s a lot of danger or sacrifice.
It’s easy for everyone to close their eyes.

Today, I will start my day with a thriller Korean movie.
Maybe because my personal safety and family safety are the top priority,
You may have to close your eyes in the face of other people’s difficulties.

The movie witness is a thriller that expresses the human mind in a naked way.
In fact, I have been curious about the development of the movie since I saw the trailer.
In the face of a case I have to close my eyes for my own safety,
That may be morally wrong.
I think it’s a wise choice to pretend not to know when you say yes because it’s really.

It’s like if I was in this movie, what would I have done?
It’s an uncomfortable movie like asking a question.
We’re always connected in people.
We often forget that we are forced to live and interact with each other.

Lee Seong-min, the main character of the movie, said,
The movie’s initial immersion is the best because it expresses the creepy situation well.

Besides, the murder in the hall-style apartment with a dull atmosphere,
The cold behavior of the apartment residents who witnessed it stimulated curiosity.

The reason why I introduce thriller Korean movie today is because
I could be someone’s witness, too.
Because it seemed to indicate that he could be the victim of a case.
A creepy but meaningful thriller, a Korean movie, was a witness.

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