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Today, I am going to play soccer with my friends at night.
I’m going to send the money to soccer. Anyway, I’m back with a fun movie review today.
The movie I’m going to review today is a monologue.

Toxicography is a storyline film that wipes out Asia’s hidden drug gangs.
Thanks to the actors’ crazy acting, I had a lot of fun.
But because it’s sensational, cruel, and provocative,
I don’t recommend this movie if you’re weak.


Well, once the central character is,
There are Won-ho (Jo Jin-woong), Rock (Lu Jun-yeol), Jin Ha-rim (Kim Joo-hyuk), Park Sun-chang (Park Hae-joon), and Brian Lee (Cha Seung-won).

“If you know you’re crazy, don’t touch it. Mr. Lee, I’ll get you.”

Wonho is the main character of the movie and is a detective.
He’s a drug investigator, chasing after Mr. Lee, the boss of a big drug ring for two years.
I’ve tried everything I can to catch him, but it’s not the only way to get back.
It was the death of a crystal, like his nephew,
Wonho, angry because of this, may end up dead or alive.
I promise to catch Mr. Lee.
At such a wonderful time, there’s been a drug factory explosion.
Survivor Oh Yeon-ok (Kim Seong-ryung) is coming to give us a clue,
I’m going to die eating at the police station.
The only survivor of the accident, Seo Yeong-rak (Ryu Joon-yeol), survived the accident.
You know, we’re trying to wipe out a drug ring,
We meet Park Sun-chang and Jin Ha-rim and start looking for clues.

“It’s okay, I trust you.”

Seo Yeong-rak (Ryu Joon-yeol) first appears as an errand boy at a drug factory,
He’s the only survivor of the factory accident, and he’s joined by Wonho in a drug gang sweep.
I’m in charge of directly contacting buyers in the drug ring.
Let’s move with Wonho to show the most central part of the investigation.

“I can’t beat you up if I pick you up.”

Jin Ha-rim (Kim Joo-hyuk) is a giant in the Chinese drug market and a buyer in Korea.
I came to Korea to do business with Mr. Lee, and I have a very vicious and cruel personality.
Wonho tries to approach Mr. Lee through a deal with Jin Ha-rim.

“There are dozens of people involved in the deal. Let’s do well.”

Park Sun-chang (Park Hae-joon) is an executive of Lee’s drug ring who holds the position of managing director. Park Sun-chang is from a big company in the drama, and he’s got a clean job.
It serves as a meeting point for most buyers.
Wonho also tries to approach Lee through Park Sun-chang.

“Let’s all pray together.”

Brian Lee (Cha Seung-won) is a second-generation tycoon who graduated from the seminary.
On the surface, they show a lot of gentle, religious people,
Actually, he’s a tough guy with a lot of problems.
In the movie, Brian Lee is calling you Mr. Lee, but it’s not true.

I’ve been talking about people on top of the storyline.
Wonho will take Seo Young-rak from the drug ring
It’s about Jin Ha-rim and Park Sun-chang cheating at the same time and approaching Lee.
There’s a cool action scene in the middle, and there’s a fantastic twist at the end.
If you like Newar and action movies, I highly recommend them.

Critics and ratings aren’t that good.
But Kim Joo-hyuk and his partner, all of them together.
Thanks to Jin Seo-yeon’s acting, I think I can cover the movie’s clumsy story.
Personally, I felt sorry for the development of the second half, which is expected to make a turnaround.
There was also a lot of controversy in the ratings, and there was a lot of sensational and cruel scenes.
It comes out a lot, but it gets a 15-year-old rating, which later turns into a 19-year-old.
There’s a lot of difference between ending and ending and the ending.
It actually comes out as an open ending, and the next time it’s a monotone expansion.
When it comes out, you can see the exact end.
If you want to watch this movie again, I recommend you watch a solo expansion.
This movie is also a masterpiece of actor Kim Joo-hyuk.
The movie was being filmed at the time of the accident,
He was able to release the film because he had finished filming the movie.
But it’s not like the sound of some action scenes.
The ephemeral recording of the sound effects was not complete.
Seo Hyeon-woo, who has similar tones to Kim Joo-hyuk, recorded it and processed it instead.
The ★ I give this movie is ★★★★★ out of 10 ★★★.
That’s it for today’s movie review.
There’s a big daily temperature these days, so I hope everyone takes care of their health.
We’ll come back with a fun movie review next time.

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